Episode 13

Published on:

2nd Feb 2021

Overcoming Addiction to the Status Quo with Kathryn F. Burmeister

Kathryn F. Burmeister, ESQ, Founder of Burmeister Law firm and Author of Rock Bottom Not Required: Overcoming Addiction to the Status Quo joins Limitless Belief were we’ll discuss her personal and entrepreneurial journey, how she turned her pain into purpose, using her career as a means to give voice to the voiceless, overcoming adversity, debunking mental health stigmas, why lawyers are super heroes, courageously going against the status quo, and much more! Great talk! Live Limitless!

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Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kfburmeister/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/burmeister.kathryn?_rdc=2&_rdr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KathrynBurmeis1

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kfburmeister/?igshid=g31np0yyhzsi

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Empowering personal growth by challenging limitations and fostering limitless beliefs. Join us to redefine your potential and transform your life.
Welcome to the Limitless Belief podcast, a transformative journey into personal growth, empowerment, and the power of belief. We explore the depths of our potential and challenge the self-imposed boundaries that often hinder our growth.

Each episode delves into a different facet of personal development, from overcoming financial shame to fostering self-love and resilience. We address various life challenges, offering practical advice, insights, and motivation to help you turn these hurdles into stepping stones.

Our goal is to inspire you to question your limitations and embrace the concept of limitless belief. We provide a safe space for reflection, conversation, and community, where your experiences are validated, and your potential is limitless.

So, join us on this journey of transformation and growth. Let's challenge our limitations, redefine our potential, and foster limitless beliefs. Because the only limit is the one, you set for yourself. Welcome to Limitless Belief.

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Frederick V. Tolbert

Frederick is passionate about the power of limitless beliefs, personal growth, and transformation. Dedicated to empowering others, Frederick fosters an environment of resilience and self-discovery that resonates throughout the Limitless Belief podcast.

With a distinctive blend of empathy, insight, and unwavering optimism, Frederick brings each episode of Limitless Belief to life, creating a safe space for listeners to explore their limitations and possibilities.

Frederick's approachable and authentic style encourages listeners to feel seen, heard and understood. At the same time, his knack for distilling complex concepts into actionable steps helps listeners apply these insights to their lives.

Through the Limitless Belief podcast, Frederick invites listeners on a transformative journey, challenging them to question their limitations and embrace their limitless potential.