Episode 9

Published on:

15th Dec 2020

Service Centered Leadership with Emerging Leaders Initiative Co-Founder Mark Chassman

Mark Chassman, Co-Founder of the Emerging Leaders Initiative, joins Limitless Belief to talk about the difference between influence and manipulation, God's framework and process of success, overcoming burnout by becoming less self-centered and more service centered, and much more!! Great talk! Live Limitless!

More about Mark:

My passion is growing transformational leaders to maximize their impact in the service of others. The role I play is a coach/mentor developing those with a burning desire to live fully into their unique design and purpose.

I'm a graduate of San Diego State University where early roles as President of my business fraternity and President of my college of business began the process of growing me as a leader.

The lessons I learned early on, became the inspiration for a lifelong commitment to learning what it takes to grow in influence to serve a purpose greater than self.

In 2005 I joined 22-year-old CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a Regional Vice President and the 43rd employee of social media phenomenon Facebook.

Since leaving Facebook in 2007, I've focused my time and talent serving as a coach, mentor, builder and investor in communities designed to bring about human flourishing. 

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